electrical problem on my Land Rover county 110


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hi, on my landy the fuel gage is always full, the horn doesnt work, the cig lighter is off, and the roof light work some days and not some other days.... i m not a sparky at all but i would like to find out myself where is the problem from...
is there any way i can test and how ??
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I'd check your fuses first. then if they are ok check the conections to your actual horn a wire might have dropped off. with the interior light check the globe it might be sitting on an angle and only sometimes connecting, it may only just be sitting in there.

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Firsr things first. I would go down to your local Auto shop and buy a test lamp. ( easiest way of checking fuses, cig lighter sockets, dome lights and any other electrical components to see if they have power or a good earth.


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you could make your own lamp ,but maybe a voltage tester gives you a good idea if you are getting all the power thru if you make your own maybe with little alligator clips but that requires bare wires ,take your time and retest constantly it can be a learned craft but takes patience and a ability to understand the lines they scribble on the repair manual


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Purchase a multimeter will help. Work on one issue at a time. First thing to check is your earths that they are not loose or corroded