Egt same temps


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Hi guys , Im often lurking but don’t post much.
Iv recently bought a gu patrol that I bought with a blown up rd28..
Iv now fitted a low k secondhand rd28…
Running well so far.
just curious if anyone else has much experience with them? If so what sorta egt is normal ?
im running stock intercooler and 3” exhaust.
running about 12psi and I’m averaging about 200-300 degrees on average.

Thanks in advance.
stay safe guys


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No idea on temps but I used to wheel with a guy who had one that was possibly the best sounding 4wd I have ever heard, he had spent a fortune on tuning the rubber bands and always drove it on full noise except when rock crawling, it sang like nothing I have heard before.
I would have thought 20-300 was on the low side but only guessing


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Join Patrol 4x4.

Here is one possible hint.



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Cheers guys…
I did notice about 350 going up a hill this morning in 5th..
But as I only just fitted the engine iv been taking it easy and babying her..

Once I’m more confident that I got no leaks or issues I’ll get into her a bit more ..

so far I’m feeling confident though lol


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Rule of thumb when talking EGT 550 C is getting up there. 600 C can be problematic. If climbing a long hill or under load for extended periods and you notice EGT climbing toward 550 C, change down a gear to reduce the load on your engine.