EFS Suspension - BT50


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I've recently purchased a new Jayco Outback Starcraft and also purchased a BT-50.

My wife and I are taking our 3 year old around Australia for 12 months to get away for a while.

I'm looking to upgrade the suspension in the BT-50 adding a 2 inch lift but trying to keep it as comfortable as possible. I know I'm not going to get a car like ride but would like to keep the ride as comfortable as possible. No bone jarring stiff rear suspension.

I'm just wondering about the EFS range for the BT50 and what it's like against the standard suspension.

Our van is 2400kg atm with a ball weight of around 150kgs.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Might I suggest changing your shocks first to see if you are happy enough with that as stock Mazda shocks are quite sporty (hard).

EFS are a quality product. I have been researching suspension for the last 2 years having a suffered spinal injuries. In that time I have found after cross-referencing both spring and shockabsorber rates that EFS produced the lowest spring preload and shock rates. So if you are after a more comfy ride, I would go EFS. In the rear however I would install Rancho RS9000 adjustable shockabsorbers so you can tune them to both your van and daily driving loads. Also if you were able to, getting your rear leaf springs reset would be better than the hefty leaf-packs offered in a typical 2"lift as most manufacturers market for a GVM upgrade. A weight distribution hitch will help as will a set of Firestone airbags. I had the BT-50 3.2L as well and I found the rear to be too light, altough my ball weight was about 270kg and a tare of 2400kg.

But if it were myself, I would install those items to set it up properly the first time for that long haul you speak of. I have done to my 76 series Landcruiser which has leaf springs in the rear as well and is much better than factory suspension and twice as plush as the previous lift kit I had.


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Hi there dobinson 2inch lift 200 kg rear very happy.
I also own 85 rr 2inch coil suspension now that's suspension ride and travel.


Interested in what susp you went for? I just got OME in my 2014 BT50 xtra cab only cause they stuffed up quote price and got it nearly $1000 cheaper! I've got heavy duty tray and canopy with plenty of tools in back . Rear springs are pretty hard going the options were 300kg or 600 kg in rear ! Ended up going 600 cause other option prob too soft in saying that Id hate to ride it empty!!!!!! Something inbetween would have been nice! Although it's pretty harsh I took it off-road through some good wash outs and drops and the travel was great, sometimes I guess you have to compramise but if I didn't get such a cheap deal I was looking at raw shocks I heard they were not too bad


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Hi there went with dobinson200kg my son has same but 300.
The shocks are gas .
Firm ride empty but with weight smooths out a lot.
My son has just fitted a steel tray which is about 300kg. Compared to tub 80kg
And it's much smoother.
With my off road camper it's great but empty pretty firm.
Sounds like you have a well sorted package now.