Easy Day Trip for Newbies & Less Experienced


Open day trip to all 4WD and AWD vehicles on Sunday 25th May.

Wombat State Forest including a look at an anti-gravity hill on the way home.

Ever fancied taking your 4x4 or AWD car off the blacktop and into some fun easy off roading and exploring?

Do you drive an All Wheel Drive like Subaru, Outlander, XTrail, Tribute, Escape etc or perhaps a large 4WD like Patrol, LandCruiser, Jackaroo, Rodeo, Navara etc?

Want to try a free club trip?

We are a family club with membership vacancies for families, couples and singles to join us on May 25th but would like to see if our club fits their needs.
This trip is designed around new comers to four wheel driving, those of us with less experience out in the bush and family oriented 4WD touring.

Do you feel like joining us on the day?

Sorry if you are looking for a more challenging trip as this is not for you. Join us as a full member for other challenging trips throughout the year.

Contact us at going4wdclub@bigpond.com to confirm your name in the convoy list and receive in return the Trip Plan pdf.

All cars must be roadworthy and registered.


Have a look at Going Four Wheel Club | Wix.com to see what you may be missing out on.

By joining the Going 4WD Club you accept that the club and its members are exempt of any claims for accidents/ vehicle damage/ breakdowns/ personal injuries or any other claim of any kind arising from any club trip or event. Your vehicle is roadworthy, has current road registration for my period of membership and you have adequate third party liability vehicle insurance. Furthermore, you will also take full responsibility for your actions and those of any passengers in your vehicle on any club trip or event.

PK Kitchens

I'm sure you sparked a lot of interest in ppl when they seen "newbie day out"
But I'm also fairly sure you lost all of them again by saying it's more of an AWD. Event. Taking cars without low range really isn't 4wding.
I know this is stirring the pot a little but its the way majority of 4wds see it. ( not all ).

Driving along dirt roads isn't what I got a 4wd for.
But good luck with it all. :)



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I think it's a good idea as some people haven't even driven on dirt roads & if it gets some interested why not, look at how popular AlienD2's trips have been.


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Thanks Evan & Andy for a great day, making me feel welcome answering all my questions... was awesome fun can't wait to hit some tracks again!!


This is the type of trip which would be run, they are driven on proper tracks which aren't just flat.


Looks like a bit of touring of commodore country. A 4x4/AWD trip should in my opinion include a few steeps/rutted sections where a 2wd just wouldn't have the traction to manage it.

Stating that, I'm glad to hear people went along and had a good time. There is defiantly a lot to see without having to actually head offroad!