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Easy beginner Tracks with an AWD

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by dazzo, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Hi, new to 4x4 Earth and to 4x4 in general. Just bought a Suzuki SX4 and am hanging to do a bit of 'off-roading'. I'm looking for some easy tracks, as I'm not sure what the little SX4 can handle. Something like an easy unsealed track to help me figure out what the SX4 can do. Saw a few track descriptions like the 'Blue Range Road - Bunyip State Forest', and 'Wombat State Forest -Fingerpost rd' but was a little hesitant since I've never done any off-roading what so ever, and am looking to head out alone with a stock SX4 and no real equipment.

    Any good beginner tracks an advice would be greatly appreciated. Anything around 1.5 - 2 hours out Melbourne is fine.


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  2. prawns

    prawns Moderator

    Cant help you with Melbourne based day trips - but welcome aboard mate :)
  3. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    lots of dirt roads thru wombat forest. you could come out of bacchus marsh and onto blue gums track and obriens rd and end up at blackwood. somewhere for you to start. there are rougher tracks running of obriens to explore. just take it easy ,you dont have much clearance. there is a good adventure map of wombat forest available
  4. tankbloke

    tankbloke 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Gidday Daniel. Welcome aboard.:)
    Mt Dissapointment has a lot of easy tracks/roads that would suit.
    There are also slightly more challenging tracks that you could build up to and safely find your vehicles limits.
  5. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Thank you all for the suggestions, and the warm welcome.

    Where do you get the maps mentioned from?
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  6. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Have a read through the Vic trip report section, you should find some tracks info in there. Bunyip might also be worth a look as they've recently graded a lot out that way, poke you nose down a track
    or two and have a look if it looks to hard just turn around or walk it first before having a slow crack.
    Make sure you take a camera so you can share the pics with us.
  7. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions guy. Went for a very easy drive to the You Yangs and did the Grand Circle track. Pretty much just a dirty road. A few climbs, nothing special. Was 12kms all up. Was a nice starter I :)

    Definitely more to come :)
  8. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator


    Welcome aboard mate, being new and no recovery gear and all alone with little experience I somehow think it will end in tears, you maybe lucky but a bit of rain and its most likely to run out..

    Especially visiting areas like Bunyip, Noojee, Wombat with its Sticky clay mud and deep ruts I would at least suggest you go with someone who has knowledge of the area and decent recovery gear...

    Don't forget a rooftop map of the area and compass at least. Look into tyre pressures also, letting them down, there is a thread for newbies which is a good read..

    Goodluck :);)
  9. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Thanks for the info Swaggie. Seems like good advice. That's kind of why I've been a little hesitant in going, and was just looking for an easy unsealed road. Will definitely read up on it, and see if I can tag along on some easy trips.

    Cheers again
  10. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    just a point on the wombat forest. bluegum track is really just a rough 2wd road and obriens rd is a dirt road. but they will give you a look into the area.
  11. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Thanks for the info Jacnden.

    I just checked out google maps to see how to get there, and what track I could do, going by the ones you mentioned. I came up with the following. Not sure if it's all accessible with the little SX4.

    1. Coming off Bacchus Marsh - Gisborne Road on to Russels Rd
    2. Turn on to Lerderburg Gorge Rd
    3. Turn on to Cameron Rd to get to Bluegum Track
    4. Take Bluegum Track all the way up to O'Briens Track leading to O'Briens Rd
    5. Follow O'Briens Rd all the way, over O'Briens Crossing and come to Greendale Trentham Forest Rd

    Is that all accessible with the SX4? Any parts that may cause me problems? I can't add an image as yet, as I have not reached the minimum amount of posts yet, so I'll send a link to the image in another reply. Should meet my quota after this.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Need to plan my next trip for next weekend :)
  12. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    This is the google maps image :

  13. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    Gisborne rd
    Russell rd
    seereys rd
    camerons rd
    bluegum tk
    obriens rd

    all very easy but it will give you an idea.go into blackwood, nice little town.
    if you get adventurous , diggers, xl, and ambers run of obriens rd
    good luck and let us know how you go
  14. Whinging_pom

    Whinging_pom New Member

    If you get yourself some recovery points and recovery kit could always organise a drive out
  15. xtrailer

    xtrailer Member

    Just did Blue range rd and Bunyip ridge track at Bunyip in the xtrail yesterday, i think Blue range rd would be suitable but the ridge track is quite steep with conservation mounds. I just got through even with my spring lift with only a couple of scrapes.
  16. Lost 2

    Lost 2 Member

    Hello Dazzo,

    My best advice would be to book in for a 4x4 course.Which we will teach you the limitations of your car and yourself as in confidence.Under controlled conditions and instruction;)

    Pending that?There are some very easy tracks in "WOMBAT"and some hard.

    Happy to go for a drive. Just need to Google what an SX4 is:rolleyes:
  17. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    LOL @ Lost 2! Yeah I hadn't known that the SX4 even existed till a couple of weeks ago, when I went looking for a second car.

    I'm interested in doing a 4x4 course. Would you know any that you'd recommend?

    Will keep you in mind when I look to head out for a drive. What 4x4 do you have?
  18. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    xTrailer Just had a quick look on Google Maps, and Blue Range Road doesn't look like it leads to any other road. Looks like you'd have to track back the same road, unless you take that Ridge Track you mention. Or am I mistaken?
  19. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    so dazzo, did you get out to the wombat forest?
  20. dazzo

    dazzo New Member

    Not yet mate, but will soon, and let you guys know how I go!

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