Easy access camping areas in Brisbane for my Dad

Hi all,

My dad has been joining us for camping in the national parks, which mostly require 4x4 access, have no signal, no electricity etc, which he loves doing when hes with us.

During the week he would like to go on "solo" camps, but probably not as remote etc.

Can anybody recommend some decent camping sites within 1 hour from Brisbane? My Dad is 60 but has a "self sufficient" setup with his Honda Jazz. He doesnt need electricity, but he wouldn't mind having it. He probably also wouldnt want to spend more than $10 per night.

Any suggestions?



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Canungra showgrounds is great and accessible by car, cheap too, Samford showgrounds is usually very quiet and cheap and under new management as of last November so things may be different now, Baden Powell scout ground at Samford is another nice one and cheap but it can be busier although never crowded and lastly Redcliffe show grounds are large and uncrowded but it is a little more expensive in comparison to the others although very close to the beach and town centre.

Get wiki camps if you haven't already got it even the trial and go nuts.