E.O.I. Jamestown fun weekend.


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I was just talking to a bloke I know at the caravan and camping show who has a property just outside Jamestown. He would love for us to go up to his land and re-cut in some tracks. He has had the paddocks shut down for the last 5 months cos the grass is so long but will be re-opening in April and the tracks we cut in last year for Discover (Ch7) have all been grown over. This bloke is more than happy to organize camper trailers to hire from Jamestown or he will even set them up for you in the campground. Cant beat that for country hospitality! It aired on Discover last year so a few people may be familiar with the property. No dates set yet just looking for interest and will no doubt talk to Chris at the show again over the weekend.
Cheers Moose.


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Im in as long as basketball coincides. Any excuse to put those other rims on :D:D...
Cya Saturday..................Oh can i take my transportable house up there to please


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It has a massive open area next to the house (for hire) and a lot of room for vans. Prob get power from the shearing sheds. The only thing is I dont know if we can burn up near the house. There will be some room somewhere, he is very casual.
We will chat to him tomorrow.

Ekki Adventurers

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Count us in for a weekender. Might even be able to add the lad (Newby Landy Owner) and Stinky (if he has the weekend free). Now I think of it maybe 2 more aswell. So that makes 5 possibles.


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I can have about four track cutters if we get the notice! sounds like fun, reckon I saw it on discover not that i watch it!

shane 45

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Count me in as long as I am not working six days then. I want to get my paj real dirty and see how long it takes me to get it washed.

The stink

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the draw system is about half way there so im up for this one also as long as nothing
comes up , Hanging to get out ...............