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Discussion in 'Toyota' started by happy tezza, May 24, 2017.

  1. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    G'day fellas n ladies, i have a 105 series 99 yr model
    (auto) ,ive been researching lockers etc, ,2 questions!, if i have a front locker installed will that lessen or increase the chances of snapping axels/cv's and also the age old topic of front versus rear ?; i do a lot of bush driving/climbing rocks dirt etc, all advice will be appreciated!!! TIA
  2. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Front lockers are great if you keep it slow and don't turn too much. I had a front locker with a rear lsd in my last car and couldn't have been happier. You'll break things if you push it on any sort of steering lock and go too hard.
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  3. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    OK COOL one of our local forby fellas recommended go front first, and i respect his opinion but i do like to get a second third n ... opinions ,yep these days i try not to push it!! may sound a bit of a toss but i try n avoid wheel spin. Attended a training day @ yalwal with that mad matt fella n he kept repeating momentum & traction which stuk in my mind n well works bloody well! cheers 4 that quick response mikehzz!!
  4. abw

    abw Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd go the front locker. I've been in a rear locked patrol on a climb and with all honesty, I couldn't tell the difference between it and an LSD rear. A locker on the front, however, makes a huge difference.
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  5. cam04

    cam04 Well-Known Member

    It will always lessen the chances of snapping a cv from dropping spinning wheels. You would still need to be extremely careful of loading up the front end, especially in reverse with the 100 series front diff which is a known weak spot. locking the rear on a cruiser will have a massive effect offroad because they don't have an lsd to speak of like a patrol. An auto locker in the rear on the road will click and stuff about and straighten you up gassing it through roundabouts in the wet etc so you need to change your driving style. You would need part time 4wd to do it in the front or it will drive you batty around town.
    Climbing rocks etc as you say in a 100 i'd lock the rear first every time. Having said that, locking the front will still make it much better than standard, just load up the weak front diff which you don't really want.
  6. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    YEP C am04 i may have blown my front diff about a month ago, stressed it on monkey gum then a week later doin a casual u -turn it made a sus noise ie call nrma , had it removed (centre) from an NRMA garage ,confirmed my suspicions ,centers screwed got a local fella (ferrets 4x4) to rebuild it($1k) other crew popped it bak in 6 hrs remove n fit @ hunge n hr so atm the fronts kickin goals! with all that u r right the front is a weak spot! lol , my car is part time i believe but im a little pissy n im a carpenter sooo.... so i realize toyotas LSD sux like my handbrake! + cheers 4 your opinion, dude more food for thought!!! next yr when i get my licence bak i plan i zappin around oz!! once again thanks for your opinion matey!
  7. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    in the rear for a land cruiser they have rear shit lsd, so get a rear locker first and if money isnt tight get a front as well
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  8. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    YEP unko84 sounds fair mate!, as far as $$ mate , i'm 50 n after the next 30 odd yrs(if im lucky!) $$ will lose it values!!! ATM hittin the bush(responsible) is the thing that gives me the thumbs up!!! cheers for your thoughts champ! oh n ps im a tight ass so it's hard to part with the $$$ but hey....... 1 chance!
  9. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    I'm rear first too.

    Your more likely to have the rears on and get through most things that switching the fronts on and off all the time. Especially if your having to steer a lot
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  10. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Yup Toyota rear lsd is average

    Rear first

    Even with a decent lsd like a patrol I would still do the rear first
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  11. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    so if the rear locker is not engaged the rear end will be an open diff correct?, will that perform noticeably worse than my current LSD?, i think my car is part time.
  12. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Chances Are your lsd does not work any better than an open centre, toyo LSDs can wear out from road use as early as 40k old

    Alternatively go a locker from uneek 4x4
    There cap locker retains the LSD centre

    But yes Elocker rear unlocked is an open diff
    Honestly can say it bothered me in my previous 4wds
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  13. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Patrols have a good LSD so makes sense to do front but a Toyota not so good so a rear is probably the way to go, you get to maintain full steering
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  14. happy tezza

    happy tezza Member

    AWESOME INFO FELLAS !! much appreciated!!
  15. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Hey Alby, did I just catch you saying "Toyota not so good"? I'm sure I can use that selective quote somewhere in the future. I'd never dream of using it out of context though. :p
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  16. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    That was a typo.....what I meant to say was "Toyota oh so good" :D Must of been the auto correct
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  17. shaun0

    shaun0 Active Member

    I ive been thinking it would be great if Harrop made their True Track LSD lockable as well that would be ideal. Have the mechanical gear LSD which doesnt wear out like a clutch type does and be able to lock it as well.
  18. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I personally think having lsd and locker in rear a bit of Wank.
    I've got a Toyota, and a Eaton locker. If hill looks even half tough, the 0.34 of a second required to flick switch is not worth still having a lsd IMO.
    What's point in installing lockers if you don't use them. I almost always flick rear in at bottom of any climb that's got some ruts or steps etc.
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  19. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Maybe it is an advantage having the LSD for road driving in the wet ect.

    But I never had any issues

    Elocker is a quality item
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  20. 4x4galore

    4x4galore New Member

    Just recently got rid of my 1998 Prado. Had a Detroit Softlocker in the rear for 250,000km of the 300,000km it had done when sold. Al I can say is that in the 18 years I owned the car, probably a total of 5 times I got a thump out the back from the Detroit, apart from that you wouldn't know there was a locker in the rear until you hit the gnarly stuff, and the beauty is, it's there working all the time. No special servicing required, no compressors, no switches and super tough.
    Also ran a Truetrac in the front, but replaced it with an Elocker after snapping a front CV shaft. The Truetrac will still spin a wheel in the air, just like an open diff.
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