Dust cap for MBC base


I've just installed a uhf and I've mounted the antenna on top of the tray load rack to get it as high as I can. It's only a short 4dbi flexible whip (RFI CD34 with MBC base), but it still hits my carport door. I'll remove the whip during the week as I'll only use it on trips.

I can find plenty of screw on dust caps on ebay for "UHF" or "PL259" connectors, but no mention of MBC. I've googled hard and can't find out if MBC is the same thing, the RFI page for the antenna just says "MBC base". Will these dust caps fit the MBC base?

It's A GME XRS370C - I'll unplug the handset and keep it in the centre console when I'm not using it, so it's unlikely I'll forget to install the antenna when I plug it back in, but I'd like to know this anyway: If someone turned the radio on with the antenna whip removed, would this damage the unit? It will still have the coax and MBC base plugged in of course. The GME instructions are very clear that turning the radio on before connecting the antenna cable will void warranty and possibly damage the unit, but I'm not sure if this means just the coax or the coax and whip.


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Will these dust caps fit the MBC base?
How accessible is the main unit? When installing there may [most likely have] been an adaptor that screws into the back of the main unit? Then the coaxial cable plugs into that adaptor. If that adaptor will fit and screw into the MBC base then being a PL259 the dust cap should also fit?

I have a box of spares, that I can't find, however I did find a socket from the back of a set and both threads are the same. I am only going off memory that the MBC base has the same thread but a much bigger nut.

The caps are cheap [$1 ea] from what I saw, I would consider having a look at some rubber chair leg end/floor protectors? buy 2 and have one as spare?

If someone turned the radio on with the antenna whip removed, would this damage the unit?
In my opinion, maybe?
Some radios need the handset plugged in to function properly? hence the maybe?

The absolute worst result is to transmit without an aerial, then things will most definitely fry!! and kiss your warranty goodbye! From experience with older models, they still receive [poorly] with no antennae, and with the blown bit transmit about 6feet. :cool:


The main unit is tucked right up under the dash, not easy to get to. It has a uhf-fme adapter on it but I didn't think to check if it was the same until after I'd closed the dash back up. The caps are cheap so I'll just buy one and try it. I think it's strange that there are plenty of sites describing all the different uhf/radio connectors, but none mention what the MBC base is, or even acknowledge it exists.

I won't risk turning the unit on when the antenna is removed. I'll have to be strict about unplugging and stowing the handset whenever I remove the whip.