Dual cab Ute advice


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Hi I’ve read so very useful info on these forums so far regarding dual cabs under $25k au.
I think I’ve narrowed things down to either a Colorado between 2008-2011 with the 4jj1 Isuzu motor or a 2006- 2015 hilux with a Kun26r 3L diesel.
Both would be kms around 150-200k to fit in that budget.
My alternatives with low kms (around 100k) would be either a 2012-2015 navara d40 or triton 2012-2016.
I’m basically chasing a reliable second car for firewood runs, the odd beach afternoon and general light hobby farm work. We have a Prado 150 series for long trips and family things.
Is my thinking correct?? Any thoughts or suggestions?
Many thanks!


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Solid choices. The hilux has a coil spring front end where the RC is torsion bar. Both as good as that style of Ute got at the time. Go for the best one you find.


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If you are thinking about a triton try looking for a low km ML with the 3.2l motor. The 2.5 can be a bit hit and miss on the reliability front. 2006-2009.


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I had a D40 from new, for 8 years and loved it, for 180 thousand K.s it was faultless after that it started to become a nightmare.