Dual battery set up

Hi all , juts after some advice . I’m starting to put together my dual battery set up . I have my dc dc charger . Now I’m looking at purchasing the
agm battery . Not sure what size I will need to run the following for now

Led Camp lights
And some charging of devices

Would 120ah be ok ? Usually camp for 2-3 days with driving each day looking for trails / tracks
Thanks in advanced


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For your intended use, 120ahwould be plenty, you could even throw a fridge into the equation and still be fine if charging each day, just as a backup, throw in a 120w solar panel and you will have it covered.


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If just running LED camp lights, UHF and charging phones and cameras, you could do all that off your cranking battery.
If you wanted to keep it simple, you could also run all that off one of those small lithium jump starters and recharge it each day as you are driving.
I’m planning on adding to it as time and money allows eventually with fridge ans what ever else comes to mind . I’m trying to keep only my winch on cranking battery . Juts want to set it up once and get it right from the get go .
I have the plug and play dual battery kit from Kick Ass/ Australian Direct. Easy as to set up and use. It recharges the camper batteries on the move as well as performing as a second battery to run the car fridge/freezer.