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Dual battery on Colorado 7

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by George Goosen, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. SomeCant

    SomeCant Member

    great idea, I love a good diy project :)

    you should point out that if you are not using a valve regulated type battery(VRLA) you will need to seal and vent the battery box to the outside of the vehicle or if the battery has a vent tube run that outside like they do on passenger vehicles with the battery in the boot.
    the hydrogen gas generated while charging and being inside a sealed passenger cab like the collie 7 can have unwanted effects, you only need about 10% gas to air for a pretty good bang.
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  2. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Umm, a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery will still vent hydrogen gas IF it is under stress. Note that it is still a lead acid battery. Not near as bad as a wet cell but enough to cause a bang under adverse conditions. Just need to be aware and not complacent by thinking it will never happen.
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  3. Lewy_88

    Lewy_88 Member

    Hmm. I have read bits and pieces about gasses, but was under the impression that these 'sealed' type batteries don't emit gas. In any case, i'll keep this in mind and be careful. Luckily i'm not a smoker :)
  4. SomeCant

    SomeCant Member

    the normal operation of a vrla battery will keep the gases within the battery but of course if you are overcharging it or some other fault with the battery then the pressure will build up and to prevent the battery exploding it will vent the excess pressure to safe levels.
    this does not normally happen so it is considered safe to operate a vrla battery without a special enclosure because even with the occasional release of pressure the stoichiometric ratio shouldnt reach I think around 4~6% for a reaction to begin unless the area the battery is in is a really small area.
    the vrla batteries are used in consumer ups units, home alarm systems as backup batteries etc and they are considered safe to use without a special vented enclosure.

    VRLA batteries are also known as "sealed"(SLA), they normally wont vent but they will vent like I mentioned above to stop the battery exploding.

    I would always seal the enclosure anyway and vent it outside because if the battery does split or leak etc it would keep everything separated from the people in the cab

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