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Not sure why they state new,They've been around for awhile,I have there Cruise Control in my Hilux...You can get a side pillar pod to hold both gauges if you like....



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Pillar Pods and Gauges


We at extreme Limits Offroad can supply Pods and Gauges to suit a wide range of makes and models

Please see

Pods and Gauges

for the listing of those available

Yes these gauges are expensive, but the quality always is

We have never had a gauge returned for warranty repair

I can also offer a special to the forum

Pillar Pod Bundle LCD EGT BOOST and DUAL VOLTS

In the bundle:
1 x Autron Custom Pillar Pod for available makes and models
1 x Autron EGT / Boost Gauge AI-052.27.091014.1
1 x Dual Volts Monitor AI-052.27.010105.1

Gauges are fitted with a Chrome Satin Bezel

This bundle will allow monitoring of up to 6 functions when fitted with the optional sensors

Price for the bundle as listed below is $630.00 with FREE POST

In Stock and ready to ship

Orders by email only sales@extremelimitsoffroad.com.au

The Pod pictured a typical pod (100 series)


Made of black ABS plastic and supplied unpainted (as per below image) so they can be colour matched to your vehicles interior trim.

the pillar pod as it will be supplied

The EGT and Boost shown in satin balack


The Autron combined Boost and EGT monitor has a dual sweep LCD display

The Boost range is 0 to 35 PSI is on the left Scale.

The EGT range from 275 to 800 degree C is on the right scale.

To maximise accuracy we have used K type thermocoupler EGT probe with industry standard connectors.

This is provided with 1/8" BSP mounting bung.

The Boost is measured using an MAP sensor provided in a small electronics box.

We have added the feature on Customer configurable Alert levels to this product so it best suits all Diesel Vehicle types and customer requirements.

This is done in the configuration setup whe you set up the back ground colour and alert colours and is supplied with the Optional Air Temperature Digital display.

The Dual Volts Monitor


dual volts monitor with the hall effect device

The new Autron Instruments Dual Volts Monitor is designed as an upgrade to any existing Battery Management System, as with all of our AI products the PCB is coated with a Special Military Specification Conformal coating so the Main PCB to resist corrosion and water damage.

The Dual Volts Monitor uses advanced Microprocessor technology and offers a huge range of features in a compact size.

Engineered and manufactured for performance and long term reliability, is the ideal choice for addition to your existing dual battery systems in your 4WDs, caravans and motor-homes.

Unlike a lot of our competitors we do not use hand built PCB boards, this and all Autron Instruments products use robotically loaded board and feature the latest technology.

Our Electronics are fully designed and made in Australia.

Advanced Electronics and Operation

Fully Automatic operation using advanced electronics. The electronics are rated for tough 4WD conditions.

High accuracy electronics manage the auxiliary battery displaying alerts if either battery is over voltage or under voltage when ignition is on.

The display changes colour and audible beeps are heard if this occurs.

Electronics are factory calibrated - no adjustments are required for the life of the unit.

NEW additional features include:

Optional 3rd digital readout of current.

The current sensing is done using a state of the art Hall Effect device so the battery cable is not cut or a shunt which can limit current is not fitted.

This device can be fitted around the earth connection of the main battery, or the AUX battery.

The option is yours depending on what you want to monitor.

Display will light up when park lights are turned on this enables you to check on the battery voltages and discharge or charge current without turning on the ignition.

If fitting more than 1 Autron Monitor there is now a communications link between them so when you change the back ground colour of 1 all as changed

Optional sensors available at an additional cost


NTC Temperature Sensor for measuring Fridge, Cabin or Outside Temperature.

Sensor designed to measure from - 20 degrees C to + 80 degrees C
With 4 meter extension cable.

Don't let your Beer get hot because your fridge is not working properly while you are driving.

AI-SENSOR-01.AMPS $ 57.00

Autron's Hall Effect Current Sensor.

Suitable for Battery cables of no more than 16mm cross section

Sensor is designed to measure - 150 Amps to + 150 Amps

Pictured below a pod finished and installed

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Very sexy unit, must say and a resonable price. (same sort of price as a Ironman meter, and better looking)