Driving light install.


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Hi all,
I have a Landcruiser 200 series, VX 2017. I am trying to install the wiring for my new driving lights. Well actually everything is done except connecting into the high beam. The kit was sold as plug n play and the two locations of the plug to use for the high beam voltage are completely different in form. The piggy back adapters supplied both have 2 wires, red and black. The two plugs I was told to use, one has 1 wire, the other 3 wires and both plug forms are different. So I am not sure these are the correct plugs. I also can't get to the back of my head light globes as the are covered by a plastic guard which I can't work out how to get off.
Does anybody know exactly where the high beam wire is please? Looks like I will have to cut into it to get the high beam signal.