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Surely a full electrically controlled drive system in a trailer could be setup to not push the vehicle. Could'nt be to hard with a load cell of some sort within the coupling so the trailer can sense if it started to "push" the tug and would then back the drive off.
You are onto something. That tech actually exists in the electric over hydraulic boat trailer brake world. The original sensabrake which is now the alko iq7 I believe is actuated by sensing fore and aft pressure on the tow ball and keeps it neutral so I’m guessing some electronics guy could reprogram that to power on instead of brake - or both.
The issues with the PTO trailers were in reverse. If they are travelling at the same wheel speed as the car you can’t steer the bloody things - electric motor drive and electronic control would sort all of that.
it might be an answer to a question not many people are asking right now but you never know….. PS I just put dibs on the patent! Well a carton at least.
You only need trailer assist in say low range etc, it would be of zero real benefit on the Highway unless it was a car like system. So electric in each wheel would work well - and make it a dream to self park when you get home.