Dreaded Mitsubishi NL 1999 model flashing lights

I have a 1999 NL Pajero Exceed model and have noticed recently the deadly two flashing lights that everyone seems to be talking about. I have had a look underneath the vehicle and noticed that the single metal line running into the bottom of the front Diff doesn't have any sort of rubber seal around it. I was wondering does anyone know where to get replacements for them and how you would go about replacing them or best left to a mechanic with the know how. Vehicle is currently sitting in the driveway until above problem is solved as I dont want to cause anymore problems. I have noted that all other selections within the super select 4wd works just wont go back into 2wd. Hopefully the above mentioned is the only problem noting that there is no seal around the pipe thus hopefully not causing vacuum and it is a simple fix.

Any info would be greatly appreciated and hopefully a quick fix. Also where the part might be sourced from


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I am not sure what metal line you are referring to, you should have 2 rubber hoses connected to your diff actuator. Those hoses are colour coded, yellow and blue striped. They go to the vac solenoids located on the drivers side inner guard low down. IF you are lucky, your problem will be the usual solenoid fail, which many before you have experienced, me included on my Triton. I eliminated them altogether and permanently locked the diff, and put free wheeling hubs on (just like many other brands of 4wd's). There are options for purchasing the solenoids. Pay heaps of money to MM or get aftermarket ones from ebay and other suppliers. There are pages and pages written on this subject on the Vic Pajero Forums, just join like being a member here and ask. On a different tack, IF you are unlucky and it isn't the solenoids, there are switches located on top of the trans that can play up. However, that is rare but does happen. Do the easy fix first, i.e. check and if needed replace the solenoid/s. cheers, Lana