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Snorkle Steve

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Hey all,

i am going to have a crack at building some draws in the back of my gq patrol but im not sure where to get some draw slides for them in Melb. Any help would be great. Cheers.

1 red gu

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looking at making some for my gu the runners are 1 meter long but at a cost of 240 per draw still tossing up wether to go ahead with it


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Draw Slides

Go on E Bay. I got some rated at 90 Kg, 700 mm long for $62.00. There are some on there now from the same guy for $72.95 a pair plus postage from Geelong. I have set up a draw and fridge slide in the GU and the draws work perfactly even when fully loaded.
Do an E Bay search for Draw Slides and it should come up "Drawer runners 4WD Fridge slides Draw System" The seller is "mcoops243 " Go to Pictures / Vehicles, I have just added some photos. In the process of getting carpet and cargo barrier organized.

Snorkle Steve

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Thanks everyone for the advise, got on ebay and bought 2 sets 4 about $150 + post, look forward to knocking them up this w/e.