downloading maps to Magellan Triton 500

mark daly

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Can any one tell me if I can download other users maps from this website onto my Magellan Triton 500.

My GPS does not appear to be in the list of options??

Need help!

mark daly

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magellan triton 500

yes if someone does a trip and puts in GPS points then i would like to do the same trip.
So i could download his GPS points onto my magellan triton 500 GPS and do the trip myself.


Hiya Mark do u hav this software installed...


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Hi all

on a similar note, i'm also having troubles. I've downloaded a few tracks onto the cpu, but Mapsend Lite can't seem to open them, for some reason? I've tried opening them as waypoints, routes and tracks, all to no avail.... any ideas?