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Double swag

Discussion in 'Tents' started by Hotshot_993, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Hotshot_993

    Hotshot_993 New Member

    They have a double swag for sale on the tigerz11 site. It seems to be one of the biggest ones I've found online. Is this any good? What's a good double swag. Mt girlfriend and I shared my single swag and we fit alright but she got a bit claustrophobic so want to get a bigger one.
    This is the link to the double swag I was talking about -

    If you know of a better one that's easy to setup and comfy and as big a possible then please let me know. Thanks for any help
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Cant really go wrong for the price. Wont last for ever but should give you at least a few years of use.

    Only problem is they are huge when packed up.
  3. brumbypt

    brumbypt Banned

    it would be interesting to see how comfortable the mattress is, that and how well its sealed from the rain.

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  4. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Mate looks like the roo systems mate. Go for it I say.
    I've got that style swag and i love it. Make sure you season it and you'll be right mate.
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  5. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    It's the same as the Roo Systems swag just they changed the branding recently. I've seen a couple of the Roo swags in the flesh and they look pretty decent.
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  6. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Iv got a similar swag and ended up adding another mattress as it was too thin but so are most swag mattresses.
  7. Hotshot_993

    Hotshot_993 New Member

    Woah. Thanks for the quick replies guys.
    I was having another little search and saw a new style swag coming out soon from darche. I called them and asked and they said the end of the month start of next month. It's a ridge dome max-treme swag. The lady on the phone told me it was only 1100 wide though. But that's wider than the one I got now, plus it looks way taller. Also got a better mattress.
    And I don't mind if it packs up big, as long as it's quicker and easier than my tent haha.
    This is the only photo they have of the new ridge dome. uploadfromtaptalk1404875148630.jpg
    I reckon it looks great and I like the size at both ends. Anyone know of one that's like this that's already out. Hopefully wider?
    Once again thanks for the help guys.
  8. cookie64

    cookie64 4x4 Earth Contributer

    It depends on what price you put on your relationship :eek:

    A mate of mine bought a cheaper swag and it was a pain in the arse, everytime it rained he got wet - yes he treated it several times, he had to spend days drying the damn thing out and he had bits of it all over the place which meant an awkward time for the rest of us in the packing.

    Seriously, buy a decent swag, look at the AOS Double Swags

    WELCOME - AOS Swags & Bags

    I have the King Single and been out in torrential rain and I was dry & warm inside, my mate now has the AOS and loves it - didn't get wet once :D

  9. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    To me these swags look like too much drama, BUT . . . I do like the look of that Darche one, with the half access door and smaller ventilation window further down.
  10. bigjew

    bigjew Member

    Some of the swags being sold these days,are way too complicated and pack size is huge.
    You could set up a centre pole touring tent and a couple of stretchers quicker.:rolleyes:
  11. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    They should be good at those prices Col :eek:

    Though I can't see how they can call them doubles that with a width of 1150mm . . . the queens are ok at 1500 wide, don't see how 2 could be comfy in the 1150 width.

    My double swag is like their tent apex swags, and is 1450 wide, I feel this is just about min required for 2 in comfort.

    I have a similar single apex style, and love both for the simple roll out and one vertical pole (or tie up to tree / vehicle) if you want apex up.
    I usually go under the awning and on a stretcher, and can do without having it apexed.
  12. Hotshot_993

    Hotshot_993 New Member

    Yeah I don't mind a bit of extra work for the setup and the size it packs up to is fine. I'd like to have a lot of head room and ventilation to keep the girlfriend happy. I also don't want to be spending $500+ so that sort of limits it.
    Like I said before I have the oztrail Mitchell dome swag and we both slept in that it was just a little too small. Just need the extra height at the leg and head areas.
    Also I don't want a tent. Tents annoy me I like how sturdy and small swags are and the fact that the entire floor space is a mattress. Stops me rolling of it haha.
    So you if anyone know of a swag like this darche one I posted the pic of then let me know please.
    Also I will check out the swags on that link, thanks
  13. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Would be interesting to know how wide the Darche is in a double size, your pic looked like a large single.
    If a double is made and it is 1400 min width then that should be fairly comfy.
    The 4WD supacentre one is 1550 wide, so lots of room there.

    I wouldn't worry too much about weather aspects.
    Getting into and out of a swag in bad weather is a pain for any of them, so you'd probably set this up under a tarp or vehicle side awning if the weather's a bit dodgy, even for a heavy dew that is worthwhile.

    Use doubled up shadecloth underneath to keep it cleanish and this drains well (cut a bit wider too, to enable standing on it while getting in / out), watch site placement / drainage, and unless you get 2" of rain, you shouldn't have any leakage problems.

    Of course before use season it well (3 or 4 times), particularity all canvas seam stitching and pvc tub stitching.
  14. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Just wanted to add, you can get queen width double stretchers, and while very quick to put up and take down (under a minute each process), but . . . they have a centre bar that creaks when the canvas moves on it (ie when anyone gets on / off, or turns over !!).
    They are comfy, but I feel double sizes are best used on the ground.

    Have you looked at the market to see if you can get a stretcher cot in double / queen size ?
    That might be an option for you.
  15. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

  16. Hotshot_993

    Hotshot_993 New Member

    I'm a little confused by what you mean with the stretcher? As in for inside a swag? If that is what you mean then I'm finding it hard to picture a stretcher inside one and not feeling like the whole swag would be tiny inside.

    Also I looked at the southern cross swags. The king dome in particular and I was liking until I saw the price. I can't afford that. I still got a lot of things to buy for my 75 series ute still. :D
  17. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    We have a swag very similar to the darche one pictured with the half door entry and I can tell you that small door is a pain in the but to get in and out of, plus you cannot just unzip the swag to sit upright . My son now has the swag and he thinks it sux too but will do him until he can afford to buy his own.

    As for the stretcher , you put your swag on the stretcher ro get you up of the ground.
  18. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Mate I think the thread veered away from your original post about the actual swag or one similar, to setting up tents and stretchers.
    For the record i have an oztent and the boab double swag. Both have there place in my life. Your obviously interested in a double swag not a tent.

    As I mentioned and todd as well. The roo systems swag is a bloody good thing and it's just the same as the tigerz one.
    They've got a great design, mattress seems reasonable and canvas looks the goods.
    For the dollars it's a good buy imo.
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  19. Hotshot_993

    Hotshot_993 New Member

    Thanks for the reply about the half door 80lover I'll give that one a miss.
    And looks like I will be going with it. Go an pick it up this week sometime.
    Also the mattress is only 50mm thick, would 100mm thick be much difference? And if so what's a good one too look for, once again I don't really care about packing up size so don't need/want a self inflating one.
    Cheers for the advice guys.
  20. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    The mattress in my sway is 50mm "high density" foam apparently, , I put a 25mm eggshell foam mat ontop of that and its pretty darn comfy now and doesn't add much extra to roll up size at all.

    Good luck with your new swag, be sure to let us now how it goes for ya.

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