Donx's O'tooles 2009 Photos


Hi, Everyone, glad we are all safe back home, i want to thank Grumpy and all the people who have put extreme effort to organise this gathering. we had a great time up there. well done.

some of my photos have been uploaded to:

Flickr: Donxdl's Photostream

my photos are something 11-15MB in size each, so it is quite big. i have cropped and reduced to about 100KB, so i can upload onto the site.

if anyone wants the original one, please let me know, i can forward to you

PM for my email address.




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hi, Bmurray2250

thanks, do you where i can upload my photos, it seems to me this forum has quite restriction for uploading photos, maybe i should upload those photos somewhere else?


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If you upload your pictures onto photobucket & then copy the IM code into the post they will come up as a big photo, preview the post first just to make sure the pictures work.


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Some use Photobucket or Picasa web albums. I looked at both, Photobucket can load video into the album as Picasa uploads to youtube.


Got to love the shot of grumpy cutting the wood....Have a look at the bloke waking up!....he he. Learn some respect young


Yes yobbo and oznog but I guess you really had to be there to understand the full meaning of it, Great pics Donx thanks.

Ekki Adventurers

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Looking forward to catching up with guys too.
Will be great to see some more of you Vic's over here. Very different scenery from what you are used to but we can see our wildlife easier with so many less trees.