doing the cape solo


Good stuff Yoshy. Glad to here u made it there & back safely. It's an awesome place to visit hey?? So when u planning on going back??? Next yr?? I did it back in July/August earlier this yr as a solo vehicle & driver with my 4yr son. It's a gr8 experience for father & son bonding hey?? Any pics available???

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cape trip

Yeh mate was a great bonding trip having 3 daughters at home me and my boy dont get alot of 1on1 time love to go back next year but my wife has other plans for us so probs 2014 got a few other mates going then aswell so il make it a bit bigger and earlier got photos and vids tryed to upload but something went wrong but il sus it out and put some up.


Hey guys cheers just got back from the cape wow omg wat an amazing place we had a ball yes camp sites to ourselves yracks waterholes and the tip all to ourselves apart from the great couple we met on the northern section of the tele track we travelled to the tip with them and camped a few nites with them realy happy we did it it wasnt too hot yes dry and dusty but we only pasted 3 other cars on the track highly recomend doing it at this time of year if you want peice and quiet.:D

Weather is not set by time clock so sometimes your lucky.I have no issues with doing stuff by myself although i do try and get another mate along,but not everyone can get time off so either you never do it or go by yourself,Commonsense is the key.Even hire a EPIRB with GPS if you have too or Sat phone..If you know people are going to be up there and its around peak season its not so bad,plenty of help but not to be taken for granted.....

Glad it was incident free you had a great time..


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Really??? No interest?????? At all???:confused: Kia won't make it??:rolleyes:

If old mate researches well, he'll never be alone up there. October will be dusty anyway.

Hey Banshee!!:)

LOL dusty it is at the moment, but you can't really see the dust for the

Last year you could still drive out of here in Feburary so Oct is not so bad. You start coming up here in november dec then you might be asking for trouble...

Glad you had a great trip. There is still enough water about to have a swim which is great too.....


Sounds like it could be the time to go from others are saying. I wondered why most go July/August as it sounded pretty crowded. It's the time of the year I was considering going so thanks for the informs advice on this thread everyone.