Doing a 2000 Hilux clutch


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Hi all, I'm doing my first clutch ever, while I'm in there I thought I should replace the rear main seal, input shaft seal for gear box and the seal on the transfer case that buts up against the gear box. There's quite a big difference in price for geunine vs after market? Does it really matter if there not genuine? And would you guy replace those seals to prevent having to go back in there. Thanks


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I removed a hilux gearbox once, they are not light nor are they a real pain if you are young and enthusiastic? However, I would suggest replacing everything in there while it is out including spigot bearing and throwout bearing [and yoke if it shows signs of wear? ] do it once, not twice.

I have no aversion to aftermarket parts, provided they are not cheap because they are infact inferior, there are good brands that serve the purpose.:cool: