Dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane


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Hey all looked around the site and was unable to find a thread for dog friendly camp spots around Brisbane. I have been to Amamoor national park which is a beautiful place its an off leash area so the dog loved it and not to far from Brisbane. just curious if there are any other places like that.

cheers Mick


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Rule of thumb is if it is a state park then its okay - National Park it is not .
another source is Cathy Savages book on free or low cost Camping spots .

Another good guide is the RACV or your states equivalent , Touring with Pets .


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There is also a great book called " Bush camping with dogs", seen it around in a lot of Bcf stores. Hope this helps


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neuum creek is a great camp spot and it is dog freindly but they must stay on a leash. It is out the back of woodford and is at the bottom of mt mee and great 4wding