Do you think Lake Eyre will fill?


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@Baggs71 Eye creek is west of Birdsville as you enter the Simpson Desert, when in flood to the point of being impassable you have to detour 30 odd kilometres to the north to cross or sometimes the detour is to the south on the SA border, I have had to do both options when doing a dessert crossing and it adds to the fuel requirements you need to carry.
The ferry crossing is a different location as is on the Birdsville track between Marrar and Mungarannie station
Yrp ive done the crossing so understood for the ferry barge that would be epic...but im a bit hesitant to drive up there just for that! like to take wifey to birdsville pub for their bbq out the back nights and next day take her to big red then onto eyre creek then back again....

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Eyre Ck..Simpson 09
Cooper Ck Ferry 11


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