Do Auto Lockers have any affect on ESP,ABS.


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Hi all, do Auto Lockers have any affect on modern 4X4 electronic stability programs and ABS or a system called Brake Lock Diffs in Jeeps?:)


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Got any more info on that especially regarding ABS?
Grey Ghost I have had an Auto Locker for 9 months now and done over 10000km on it.

ABS is not affected at all. ESP and Traction control are affected only if you do a really fast U turn, because when decelerating especially a Diesel is like accelerating, it locks the Lokka. This confuses the electronics as they think there is a fault and this brings on the Check 4wd system light,ESP light and Check Engine light. All I do is shut of the engine and re-start and lights are off. This has only happened about 4 times early in the life of the Lokka. The Lokka is run in now and is alot smoother.

Remember all of this happened in a 2008 Jeep Cherokee. when I first posted on this forum and asked if there could be any problems no one answered. Its not a problem now and I have not read of this happening to anyone else. See ya, happy wheelin.

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Thanks for that Keith, I only have ABS on my Triton so don't have to worry about the other bits but thought it was worth asking anyway.I guess with all these new driving/safety aides on vehicles these days we are going to come up with more odd, unusual situations where something we have added to the vehicle is going to have an unpredictable result, hopefully not of the dangerous variety.
And it looks like on this forum at least you have been the test bunny for that set-up.
Cheers, Brian (GG)


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Locker Noise

Are the auto lockers noisy on your Jeep ?
Auto Lockers are not noisey. The only time I can hear anything is at walking pace on full lock like turn corners at the supermarket car park. It sounds like someone softly hitting a steel bar against the rear axle. Like a lot of the guy's in the states say, if you can hear your Locker when turning it must be working correctly.


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I have a Lokka diff lock from SA. I dont notice the diff lock much anymore, it has been in the car for 54000km now without any problems.