Dmax failure on the canning

Aaron Schubert

Saw that too. Pretty nasty. Some super heavy duty springs on the rear though - I wonder what it weighs. You can only push steel so far for so long before something has to give, and I've seen that vehicle driven pretty hard.

They do make a mean series though.



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Just seen another broken axle vid on youtube - this time a 76 series
The Tanami can change dramatically from 80 kph all the way to Hell!
I have driven it four times - Rough - 80kph all the way - 300 kms of Mud & last Hell! (Max 15kph on the side banks for a fair way, plus plenty of wrecks particularly Trailers)

It all depends if the Graders can get out there after lots of rain.


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Here’s another broken rear axle on a Dmax. Appears to be in same location. Happened at 90kph. No other details have been revealed at this stage.


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Broken in the same location on the axle. Sorry for the poor description. Think the driver is in north Qld and it happened on the black top


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This remimds me of an American engineering company's report that I found on the net years ago. They had been commissioned to investigate the increasing number of road accidents caused by wheel failure, broken wheel studs and axle flanges on light trucks and big pickups.

It all came down to the same old problems of overloading and leverage stress in corners caused by oversize aftermarket wheels.


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Each to their own of course but mate you don’t know what you are missing.
Remote Australia has an effect on you you can’t describe. It just keeps drawing you back and you can’t get enough of it. It is a strange thing but it does get under your skin. The first time I went out there and crossed the Simpson with my family I got home and two weeks later I jumped back in my ute and had to go back again

The 4wding part is just part of what you do to enjoy it.
Have to agree with you on that . I’ve done Three remote trips now and although each time you say this is the last time I’m doing this your back there in a couple of years. The serenity is magical.


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The 2012 upgrade on the 70 series also had diff housing strengthened with extra plates welded to bottom. The 70 series in the video has the 2007_2012 diff in it.

There was never a recall as it was updated model and also not a common fault that occurs with regular use of vehicle