Disappearing waterfall - Victoria


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A friend asked me about a disappearing waterfall the other night. Asked if I had seen it.
The waterfall disappears into a hole in the ground. No river.
I've found one in America called "The Devil's Kettle". The one the friend is asking about is in Victoria. I seem to recollect, a number of years ago, people talking about an area in Western Victoria called "The Devil's Kitchen". Could this be it?
Can anyone tell me where this waterfall is?


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I reckon it could be silverband waterfall in the grampions. Only one I can think of. Have taken the kids there a couple of times. Is an easy walk in. Pretty cool to see. You can climb to the top of it as well as three is a little goat track up the left side once you get to the bottom at the end of the walking track



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Just walked to the bottom of it in 2019. Further down the track there was a small running water, maybe from underground.