Dirty Weekends Tour 15; Condamine Gorge


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I'm a beginner at 4wdriving, Just finished the Glasshouse Mountain Tour, Had lots of fun with the family, BBQ and bush walking as well. Already planning my next trip from the Dirty Weekends Book 4th Edition, going to the Condamine Gorge (Tour 15) in the Dirty Weekends book.

I'm driving a Mitsubishi Pajero 94, Just wondering if anyone has already done this tour in either the same type of vehicle, or something very much like it.

Please write back and advice on how the trip went, and if it is safe to do it with a 2mth old baby.



Cg, you shouldn't have any problem at all.

I am a frequent visitor to the track and am in a stock Mitsubishi Challenger. Have been through it with all sorts of vehicles with mods and without.

Was there last weekend and the water level was fairly minimal in most of the water crossings, you could see the blue metal at the bottom of most of the crossings and the track itself was very dry, in saying that if there is a little bit of wet weather the road conditions change and really really wet weather it is often best not to traverse...the locals dont take to kindly to it as it is for many there means of getting to and from work.

The drive is great, the scenery is beautiful with lots of great photo opportunities and is one that l find changes all the time.

As for travelling with a little one, l don't see it as a problem, there is a fair bit of bitumen before you actually get to the dirt and given that you watch the track and the conditions you shouldn't have any problems with bumps and pot holes. I find it usually a little more bumpier after rain and the tracks have dried after a lot of traffic but you get that anywhere.

Let me know if theres anything else you want to know...l have pics galore of the area...l just love it. :D


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My best mate from years ago, lives up near there and I have to say it is an awsome place.


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Yep - have to agree - we did it June weekend last year and had a ball - if you're camping - Kilarney View Caravan Park is pretty good - doesn't get as much precipitation as the Queen Mary Falls one. The river trail is best after some rainfall - but not too much rain. Water was 2/3 the way up our rims when we did it and track was muddy and lots of fun.


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Welcome cg_rolph to the forum. Dirty weekend tracks can be in soft roaders and some in a normal car. The Pajero will walk it without issues.

another paj

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ive got to agree with lee you won't have a problem with the track it self as i have been their a few times now in my stock 93paj.
we have done most of the tours.
i have a stock cherokee kj with AT tyres and the only tour which was a little challenging was the DAnguilar range tour as the ruts when we went were HUGE (was after the heavy flooding rain earlier this year) and A Break was steeper than we thought. Of we did it again it would be easier as i would know what to expect. Condamine gorge is still my fav was during rain ( week after danguilar) was muddy and fairly deep was great fun