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Hi guy's,
I had two v8i D1 discos, but have culled one.(alright killed one:().
The remaining one even with only 180k on the clock is going to be retired.
Mrs tankbloke loves the comfort of the discos and likes the idea of a D3 as an upgrade.I on the other hand have my heart set on a Defender, twin locked, low ks, winch and with some other goodies.
I know I am on a hiding to nothing comfort wise, and are planning some big trips, so would appreciate some help in finding a couple of tipping points. I can run past the boss:rolleyes:
The I know which one I would rather be in if we get in the shit, doesn't quite cut it.
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Well Tankbloke what havw you come up with ??
A defender with disco seats and a hot water bottle to create heated seats

Comon, do tell.

George Hewison

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Hi Know it's a it late but i can't get my boss out when she gets in my 90, it has heated seats. Did have to fit raised seat rails though to get seats to go back enough so normal sized people can fit in