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Are the diesel Jackaroo's really that bad or are most good with some horror stories. There are some starting to pop up for under 10grand which market for that price in diesel is usually disco's the odd hilux. I had a petrol Jackaroo and found that ok but I had to sell it as I was having calf muscle cramps using clutch in traffic so ended up with auto pathfinder. Can anyone that currently is running a diesel Jack tell me what there really like?
I love my Jack 3.0 TD. Its the second one I have owned the previous being a 3.5 petrol I later regretfully sold to my son's mate. He has hammered it on 4wd tracks and trips for 3 years and its still going strong. I now have the 3.0TD as I do a lot of KMs and needed the fuel economy 9ltrs/100km h/way. Its like driving a car. Its been almost problem free apart from some careless work tightening up pipes and seals from the mechanic who did the assembly after the previous owner rebuilt the engine. There are some horror stories around but the people who I have spoken to love them and generally have no major problems.The main comment is find a mechanic who knows these engines as they were way ahead of their time and not many mechanics are up to it. Other than that love mine. For now. I also only paid $4k with rebuilt engine 40,000 km's. The previous owner tried making his own diesel...


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using good oil is a must, and the correct viscosity......many a problem started on these by wrong oil, or not frequent changes

they can be scary expensive to fix, so as others have said you need the right mechanic or learn to do stuff yourself

my preference is to learn to do stuff yourself