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Dez & Crackers 4x4

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Black_r6, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Black_r6

    Black_r6 New Member

    Hi guys,

    A little teaser from our Easter trip to Mount Kosciuszko.
    My 76 series enjoying the mountains and reached Mt Pinnibar.

    Couple of dads giving it a go.

    Dez&Crackers 4x4 Adventures.
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  2. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Well done - Great view from Mt Pinnabar Hey!
  3. Gunny40

    Gunny40 New Member

    Good job!!
  4. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum
  5. Black_r6

    Black_r6 New Member

    Cheers guys, kids love it and love jumping in front of the cameras.
  6. Black_r6

    Black_r6 New Member

    Cheers. Yeah Mount Pinnabar is fantastic.
  7. Airstrike

    Airstrike Active Member

    Mt Kosciusko is amazing! so many lovely campsites, only been to a few sections, goal is to explore all the tracks/campsites
  8. Black_r6

    Black_r6 New Member

    Yes for sure I will be back to tackel a few more tracks. Maybe next time, Head from Mt Kosciusko to Dargo.

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