Destinations - Willow Spings, SKYTREK adventure


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Willow Springs Station is a property within the Flinders ranges, SKYTREK is a 39 KM self drive track in a private Property. It is about the only time you will get to lock your hubs and go low range in parts at all in the region , you actually get to the highest point in the Flinders Ranges here, which is the dominant feature inside a reserve for the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, we were lucky to see one but not fast enough to capture it on film.

The landscape is as varying as it can be, I am not usually one to rap for a tourist adventure such as this, but it is really worthwhile , you pay the property owner for the privledge and sign a paper wiaving any responsibilty of the station Owners, it is not tainted by any Government body.

Allow at least 3/4 of a day.


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polar bear

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G'day Bushnut

I have been working on a track submission for Skytrek based on my trip there in 2003.
Let me know if you are going to submit it as a track as I have a GPS plot and some photos I can add.
If not I will post my submission shortly.


Lindsay (polar bear)


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Hey Polar Bear , I didn't take any GPS points on the tour, Go ahead and put it in as track report, I tend to get a little long winded anyhow, look forward to reading it .