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Lamberts centre is not a destination that I would call spectacular, it is just a point on the map that you can say that you have been to the absolute centre of our great continent and cross one off your "bucket list". It has a minature version of the large flagpole that is in Canberra, some Richard Cranium has pinched the Flag- no bloody surprise !

I decided to write small notes under the heading destinations as I do get long winded in my notes and one has to cater for the ten miniute attention span of most of us and therefore not rewrite the magna carta .

1/. Picture of me at Lamberts centre, as you can see ,with trusty BSHNUT in the background , I am not dressed to meet the Queen nor intended to be, one dresses for comfort and you wear something that can be taken off or put on as the temperature dictates with ease .

2/. Plaque stating the bleeding obvious .

3/. the flagpole at lamberts centre .

4/. Preface in the log book at the centre .

5/. the centreof the two arrows on this plaque is the very centre of our great continent :D


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And as far as the Queen goes, I think she would be honoured to meet such a well dressed gentleman as yourself. LOL Keep the reports coming Bushnut.


Thanks for the 'heads-up' about the flag, I'll make sure I take one with me next time I'm out that way. Maybe they were inappropriately dressed to meet the queen and in desperate need of a silk scarf?

You have to wonder why some people have a need to do damage and leave a trail of destruction in their wake or simply take what is not theirs.


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G'day Simmo, welcome back mate. Looks like you had a good trip, have to catch up again too.

Hi Jok,

Yeah , a great trip, did get cold at night , down to zero whilst in the Alice, didn't have this wet stuff around, bloody makes it miserable, I'm back here but the mind is still back in central AUS I can tell you.

This the crap time of the year when all the good tracks are officially closed !

Hope to catch up with you soon:D:D:D