D'Entrecasteaux National Park with Shane the Sharkcaver!

Karl Fehlauer

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Well, having been recently made redundant I had the opportunity to head off on a trip with Shane Watts (aka Shane the Sharkcaver) and a friend of Shane's (Bruce) to explore the D'Entrecasteaux National Park in WA's south west and had a ball.

I saw a bit of country that I haven't seen before and had a great time with Shane and Bruce just exploring the region.

Comments welcomed on the images.


Camp night 1 at Gardiner River camp ground.

2020-02-11 4WD - 002-Edit.jpg

The view west from Point D'Entrecasteaux

2020-02-11 Landscape - 014-Edit.jpg

The cliffs at Point D'Entrecasteaux

2020-02-11 Landscape - 015-Edit.jpg
2020-02-11 Landscape - 016-Edit.jpg

2020-02-11 Landscape - 018-Edit.jpg

Karl Fehlauer

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Part 2

One the beach at the mouth of the Gardiner River

2020-02-11 4WD - 004-2-Edit.jpg

2020-02-11 4WD - 007-Edit.jpg

An abandoned Rodeo ute on the beach that has seen better days by the looks of it, it has been under water as well from the water in the cabin and there was still a bit of kit in the back of it.

2020-02-11 4WD - 010-Edit.jpg

Mouth of the Gardiner River as it enters the Great Southern Ocean

2020-02-11 Landscape - 003-Pano-Edit.jpg

Looking back up the Gardiner River

2020-02-11 Landscape - 013-Edit.jpg


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Great photos! Its a beautiful bit of the country down that way.. Might have to head down that way again and check some of these out on my next camping trip!