Definition of High Clearance


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Any real 4wd. Standard ones included.
Just not AWD SUV's and those types of soft roaders.
Depends how game your are to drag your car through the rough stuff really.

Alien d2

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General rule of thumb I use is @180mm of ground clearance.
Remember the signs cover the track for conditions 24/7, not since the last time it was graded or only in the dry.
There have been many recoveries from lots of place where cars drove in and couldn't get out due to a bit of rain.


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I would say cars excluded in the high clearance area but some 2wd utes still have good clearance. There may be washouts across the road or drainage humps that cross the road that would probably catch most cars out. Most signs have been placed for a good reason plus they're trying to help those who need it to make the right decision.