Deep Creek Trip - 21 June 2014


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This trip was organized by me and a group of die hard 4x4 drivers for Davidman's birthday. It was a surprise for David :eek: who thought he was heading up for an hour's play with his new winch ( yes winch NOT wench ). His face when Shiny pulled up beside him on the side of the road just past Yarragong was priceless - then Grey Ghosts and then Nickj & Donna. Today's group was now complete ( but honorable mention goes to Mrs Shiny who manned the business all day Saturday so Mr Shiny could join us - you owe her big time Andrew :D ) Unfortunately the Coxy and his crew couldn't make it either :( and the last couple Amanda & Graeme sadly missed out too.

We headed through Moe -only stopping for Donna & Nickj to do a quick hot dog shop at Aldi's - but wait there's more - nah no more here, we left watching Grey ghost do a great impression of a Toorak Driver trying to park their Rangie.

The first track we headed up was Beardmore with Davidman leading the way. Well until he got bogged nearly to the top of Beardmore's - we will never know if he planned this event ( to test out the winch) or he really was just a poor driver through the boghole - everyone else seemed to get through ok;)




A short break for lunch and a quick happy birthday with the exploding candle ( as seen on Facebook ) - a good example of the fun you can have with gun powder :D

We then headed to Deep Creek - A track everyone was keen to attempt, little did we know the step into the creek was easy compared to the short 100 metres of mud which preceded it - only one causality though with Grey Ghost using his highly developed driving skills to get a better view of what was over the edge. Shiny to the rescue with Nickj overseeing the recovery while Davidman was hands on keeping Grey Ghost calm. All good with a successful recovery and a very happy Mrs GG ( although GG relief of getting out of it unscathed was short lived.......)


Soon we were all trekking along Deep Creek One with the girls walking along the creek bed guiding and supporting their men - a task with a lot of responsibility - well maybe not that much responsibility - lots of laughter very little hole spotting - ouch GG - damage - one broken side step - but he took it like a trooper - $#@%&*%$#&^$@ !

The rest of the trip was uneventful as we headed towards Walhalla Road saying good bye to Nickj and Donna with the rest of us meeting up at Walhalla.

It was about 4.00pm by the time we got to Walhalla - I know this cause there was a track there we ALL ummmed about - steep - muddy and we had no idea where it went to - this track will forever be called the 4.00pm track as it took us 15 minutes to agree ( and in the light of Davidman being trip leader ) that to take this track at this time of day, even though looked exciting , would have been the track we wished we hadn't taken so late in the day. Good sense prevailed ( :( ) and to reassure us we had made the right decision GG's and Davidmanss' stopped at Erica for a fab meal ( after saying to good bye to Shiny )

It was a great fun day, and I am sure I have missed out on a heaps of 'technical crap' about the tracks but David and others can add these bits in. Hopefully Dave will put up some of my pics here ( I have no idea how to )

PS I nearly forgot to say Croozer I hope you have recovered and you along with the others were missed:)





Great read and cool pics, looks rather moist but sounds like a fun day.
So when you all heading back to 4 o'clock track ?


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So wish we could of made it guys :(
Sounds & looks like you guys had an awesome day :)


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Great day out as usual guys. Thanks for organising it Mans. That 4o'clock track sure did look interesting:eek: will definetly check it out next time. Deep Creek #1 has sure changed... for the worse. Bulldozer has ruined what was once an iconic, picture-esk, one of a kind track. I'm sure mother nature will return it to what it once was.


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I found the 4 o'clock track on a map. It doesn't have a name (that I can see) and appears to be a dead end. Still want to try it though, backing down might be fun.


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Happy birthday David, glad you got a good day out!

I'll try that 4 o'clock track - I've been blamed for a few of them in my time.