David @ Penrith NSW


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G'day all,
Current vehicle may (or may not) be welcome here !! It's an Iveco 40-10 4WD camper. Bit of a slug on the blacktop, but a real weapon off-road.
We've done a few trips including the Beadell Roads, Simpson Desert (twice), Cape York, Around Tassie, Painted Desert/Arkaroola and the Back of Broken Hill. Hanging out for a Canning Stock Route Trip- maybe this year.
Also, we've done most of the day/weekenders around the Sydney area.
Currently having a good time hanging put here !!


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welcome aboard david if its a 4 wheel drive and you get out and ues it which you obviously do your more then welcome


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Hi David. Welcome also! Tell us what an Iveco 40-10 4WD Expedition is! Must be good to have taken you all those places! What engine, has it got bunks back there, etc. etc?

And I am still, just, into sailing. Might be more recreational than competition now that the back is getting a bit tender! I sail an OK Dinghy and a Heron. Are you into the dinghies, trailer sailers, or keel boats?