Darwin Lorrella Springs then The Cape


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Welllll, i have decided its about that time i start niggling at the wife for another holiday. I already have 1 planned but the niggling part is to expand on the holiday.jusy a little bit. ;)
Quick run down.
Leaving Darwin (home) directly for Lorrella Springs.
Give take arrive 18th / 22nd off June. Was invited to join some fellow travellers.
(I'm needed as a "support/recovery" vehicle... sorrrry couldn't help myself.. its a in house joke).
Be in Lorrella Springs for about a week. (My 2nd time there).
This'll take us to around the 1st of July. Now we have to be in Cairns by the 15th of July. So about 2 weeks to travel from Lorrella Springs to Cairns.
So I'm thinking, of places to see and camp for this 2 week stint.
Rough idea..
Taking Savannah way.
Lawn Hill.
George Nat park.
Onto Burke development rd to Dunbar.
Go Nth towards Peninsula development rd then head sth for Cooktown. (The Cape York trip I'm only focusing on OTT and Old Coach Rd/Maytown trk as i only have 2 weeks here an don't want to rush.)
Another idea is I can also do Cooktown at the end of the trip, double back from Cairns.
So from Lorrella to Cairns or Cooktown what should i "look" out for..


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We did similar in November, took the road from Dunbar to Artemis which is about 30k south of Musgrave and it was a nice enjoyable run. We headed north from there and did Cooktown on the way back
We loved Lawn Hill and the Gulf country


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Just told the wife "our" new plan......
It went reallllllly well.
Her 1st AND last question was.
"So how are we going to pay for 6 weeks off"?
I replied with.
"Well if you got a job, you could"......


Well i though it was funny......

nar realllllly she loved the idea...


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The count down is on. Only a 2 week wait for the last (and most critical ) lotto ball to fall in place. I hate waiting/working around others no wonder i work for mysel, but quietly it's looking good.
Then holiday is a full on green 4 go go go.
Mind you my whole lifes a holiday.....



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As i wait for the last ball to drop i havent stopped looking at place to see on my way to the Cape..
Lorrella Springs. 1 week.
Booloorloo. And king ash bay. (3 day)
7 emu station. (3 daya)
Lawnhill (5days).
Pass throu spend or a overnighter if needed.
Burke town
Normanton then
Kurmunba (3 days)
Burke development rd, giving (2 days 1 overnighter.)
Chillagoe (3 days)
Onto Cairns
Cape york 2 weeks. Just OTT and Old coach rd /Maytown trk.
On the return Sth via Cooktown
Then back to Darwin.


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Normanton is a nice overnighter. The caravan park in town backs on to a black fella estate so there's plenty of yelling at night when the pub closes, has a nice pool too. Good fishing at the old bridge apparently.


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Arrrrrr well the last lotto to ball to drop ended up getting fire out of a shot gun straight into a cannon ball which got drag along by a heat seeking missle G force towards space last seen heading for Mars.
So I'm back to just a "little" old holiday.
Darwin to lorrella springs for a week. Late June.
Back home.
Work for 2 weeks. Then
Darwin high tailing across to Cairns for my Cape york trip. The high tail back to home again. (Early to late July)
So no sight seeing inbetween this time round.
But man its gonna be a busy next 2mths.
Work holiday work holiday work.