Damaged Pitman and Idler Arms


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Hi all,

I've just had a set of Pitman and Idler Arms on my '03 IFS V6 Hilux replaced because they got bent out of whack whilst wheeling. Any suggestions on any mods that may help alleviate this issue in the future? I'm currently running a Pedders steering damper which I'm open to suggestions on replacing with someone perhaps better. Would bump stop spacers, or simply larger, bump stops assist in any way?

Anywho, and advice would be great.



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If you look closely at the Idler, it just ends up in the wrong position at some stage and a good jolt to a wheel is going to bend it no matter what, the tie rod angle at some point just drives the idler in the right place to bend it, be it the shaft or the arm?.

Pitman? To bend it would take some serous whack? Being as the ball joint is one with arm, replacement is more likely due to a warn ball joint? Not saying you cant bend it similarly, though.

Heating, Welding, even Chroming of any steering component is strictly forbidden, the best alternative is to search a ''heavy duty'' replacement?


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What the good Captain said ^^^.

If you go heavier parts, then something up stream will then get bent or broken. Better to have a bent arm than a broken steering box.

You could lower the vehicle a bit so tie rod ends aren't on so much of an angle or go with smaller diameter tyres... but no one wants to do that.

Pedders, never bought any of their stuff, so can't comment. I put a Monroe steering damper on my Sierra years ago, it worked as advertised.


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I had an 03 v6 with 33’s. It ate pitmans and idlers - regularly. Get used to it or put tiny tyres on. The genuine parts lasted much better than any aftermarket ones I tried.


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You can get braced idler arms that go a long way toward fixing the problem. The Pittman arm would never bend under any kind of driving conditions, altho the ball joint might stuff up or snap off ( maybe). The idler arm has replaceable bushes. They flog out, but oonly cost $20 on eBay. I bought a set recently to use as a pattern. I'm going to have a go at turning up a set of brass bushes. They won't crush or distort under harsh conditions hopefully.


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The idler arm has replaceable bushes. They flog out, but oonly cost $20 on eBay. I bought a set recently to use as a pattern. I'm going to have a go at turning up a set of brass bushes.

I have the same thoughts on remanufacturing a set of bushes, I had an annoying bump [front left foot well] as soon as I hit the last 6klm gravel to home, yet it was quiet on the last 80klm bitumen? DAMN Annoying! Traced it to probably no more than 0.25mm of wear in the bottom bush. I swapped top for bottom and magic happened the noise was gone. I did replace the whole unit eventually, the new one is cheap, but has a grease zerk in it, greasable? is that better or worse? time will tell?

Brass vs Phosphor Bronze.

''Phosphor bronze is a combination of copper, tin, and phosphorus.
While brass is valued for its malleability, phosphor bronze lends a greater hardness.
As a harder metal, phosphor bronze has a higher melting point than brass.''

As a young lad, any bush [eg spigot in an old holden] had to be made from phosphor bronze, no one explained why, it was ''the done thing'' and you did it because that was the done thing. Just putting this out there, because while brass is easy to find it may not be the ideal material?:cool:


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Yes, phosphor bronze is the ideal. I'll be looking thru my scrap bin& see if I can find an old bushing I can turn down, otherwise, I'll have to open my wallet and risk letting the months out.