Daihatsu Feroza SXII 1993


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Daihatsu Feroza SXII, 1993

Good Points
Had 5 or 6 years rarely let me down, Very capable,

Bad Points
Getting too small, wanting bigger trips!!!!

What mods have you done?
Front Bar, UHF, Spotties, Side steps, Goodyear MTR's, Extractors, Cold Air intake, Superb Stereo, Mud on everything!

What mods are on the list to do?
Lift 1-2 inches, short wheel base helps enough! or upgrade to real rig!

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Looked good when I got it, wanted reliable Daily Driver! Looked different to every Feroza I have seen!

How often do you go offroad?
When ever possible, If it rains I take muddy way home!

What will your next vehicle be?
Bigger! more powerful!


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Landcruiser or Patrol ute, swag, dirtbike on back! With Lift 3-4inches, muddies, custom barwork + tray, but we can all dream!


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I like the way you mention the possibility of upgrade to a "real" 4x4 LOL :D

For the price, those little things & sierra's are surprisingly capable, BUT.............against a patrol or cruza? NAH!!!

You'd be surprised how easily you could fulfil your dream if you look into it. Start basic & build it up over time, like most of us have. If you want a ute you'd be MAD to get anything less than a GU patrol 4.2L dsl (turbo or not). I just sold my cruza ute that I mod'd myself (see vehicles for sale HZJ75). I also have a mod'd GU 4.2 wagon & they are FAAAARRRR betta but I've driven GU utes too. Plus the GU utes came out with the option of coil springs all round. Cruza's are leaf only unless you get a 78 series with coil front but they have weak diffs & trans, & axles & bearings & electrics & windscreens.


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leaning more toward patrol, mate has 4.5 petrol wagon you may have seen it(attached on left! not the Paj!) They're good fun and capable, prob go diesel myself bit more water proof!


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