D40 tray on a holden


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Hey all!
*for arguments sake, presume im an utter moron who doesnt even know what a screwdriver is**

Anywho, im looking at changing up the setup on my 2011 RC colorado dual cab, and trying to find a tray to replace my tub. And unsure what ither vehicle trays may fit, and what adjustments may need to be done.

I have found a tray off a dual cab d40, but have no idea if it will fit on my ute or not



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If u climb under your rig at the rear, you will see that the tub is bolted th the chassis in about 6 or 8 places. U need to measure these , width ANd length and compare with the D40 tray. If they arr the same width u can make a subframe to bolt to your chassis, that the tray can then be bolted to. There are other considerations. The position of mudguards, fuel filler, lights/wiring, overall width of tray. There is always a way if you are determined, but you need to weigh up the costs.


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Hi Ebony,

You probably have this all sorted now!
I did a similar conversion on my Ranger using a Hilux tray. I just unbolted the tub and ran cross members from rail to rail of my chassis. I used 80mm x 5mm aluminium channel that the tray rails than sat directly on top of. I then used 50x50x5 aluminium angle to secure the tray central to the cross members. Guards and fuel filler were all unboltable and repositioned to suit my wheelbase.

More than 2 years on and still holding strong!

Hope you got your's all sorted though!