D.I.Y diff breather write up


so this weekend i decided to get around to putting some diff breathers in the pajero, so i thought i would take photos and do a write up on here and show everybody my idea's, feel free to add comments and suggestions. I'll apologize now for the poor photography, i'm a mechanic not a photographer.

i will start with the rear end as it was far easier than the front,

step 1: remove old breather

step 2:i used 1/4 inch fuel hose i had laying around and connected it to the diff breather pipe and cable tied it to the chassis next to where the old breather tube ran into, remember on a live axle to leave room for suspension movement.

step 3: run hose along chassis cross member to main rail and try to follow some wiring or something like that so it looks nice and neat, i ran this all the way to the rear right corner and cable tied it to the trailer wiring

step 4: i removed the rear right tail light and pushed the hose through the grommet in the body following the trailer wiring, remember to put the grommet back other wise it will leak when the car goes for a swim.

step 5: trim the hose to length and slide it up the pillar as high as it will go, i managed to get mine all the way up to the roof, this way the diff should not breathe water into it unless i do something really bad, and i dont think the diff will be my biggest concern in that case. I figured that this way is easy and much shorter than going to the firewall in my car, also there is no dust between the body work where it is so eliminates the need for a filter.

now for the front diff.

step 1: drain oil and remove diff hat
step 2: pry out old breather, the way i did this was to remove the rubber seal and pull the plastic bit out. on a pajero it looks like this then
what i had to do next was find a large nut that i could screw a hose tail into, then weld it to the hat

step 3: screw in hose tail, dont forget to use hydraulic sealant or thread tape to make it water tight.

step 5: put on some paint to protect it all from rusting and refit diff hat with suitable sealant. let it set and top up diff oil, remember to use the right type

step 6: attach the breather hose, again i am using 1/4 inch hose. i also used a hose clamp as extra security.

step 7: run the hose in the best possible way up the firewall, i didnt have any filters with me so i shoved it behind a heatshield, if i had a snorkel i would run it up next to it. i have seen people add these to the air intake pipes, but i dont like the idea of having vacuum being drawn on the diff as it isnt very good for the seals, in my opinion.


hope this helps anybody thinking to do their own diff breathers, all up this cost me nothing cause i "borrowed" some hose from my old mans collection, but fuel hose is relatively cheap to buy from pep's or repco


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i have 05 triton is your pajero front diff vacume actuated to engage 4x4. if so did extending the breather and taking the stupid white hat off have any effect on engaging 4x4.


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great writeup russell789 and the pics will help others to under stand top effert


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Too much work for me, lucky i was getting suspension put in so just got them installed at same time. Did a good job too.




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