Custom Fabricated Mods


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Hey guys new to the forum,

Iv recently purchased my first car being a 2012 Toyota Hilux 4x4. My parents own a metal fabrication company in Sydney and i want to fabricate come costume parts for the Hilux for example; Brush bars, side steps, rear bar and sports bar. This wont be some dodgy home job and will be made by experienced metal fabricators however im not sure how this works with insurances or from a legal aspect. i don't want to get into an accident or something and I find out im liable or not covered because of these mods.

Has anyone had any experience with this? can it be done? who do i speak to? what are any added costs?

Im located in Sydney Australia

Thanks in advance!



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If the hilux has side air bags the steps should be ADR compliant, the others you mention probably will be ok. As long as you list them in your policy they shouldn't draw any extra attention from your insurance mob. Probably wouldn't go down the path of fabbing up a bullbar for it though, nothing against your oldies fab shop as it more than likely is better than what you could buy off the shelf.