Current rigs for sale.


Aren’t people selling their vehicles at the moment?
I am looking at getting a rig that has had some mods already done for touring and up to ‘mild’ tracks.
There has been nothing since December 22.


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People aren’t selling because there is nothing worth buying, my touring 4by would be on the market if I had something worth buying to replace it but nothing worth changing out to


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Personally I think there is more to it than that.
I think its got more to do with the economy instability/interest rates/length of wait time to get a new vehicle etc etc.

I guess the number of 2nds on the market could coincide with more new vehicles coming into the country for the new market??


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Carsales has seen growth in 2nd advertisements recently. The economy is biting people with toys they cant afford. 2nd hand Landcruiser prices are coming down too.


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Just sold mine so they are there, do seem to be a lot of overpriced cars still because they have gear on them.


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Have a look on marketplace and owners groups on FB. Younger people are changing their advertising platforms.