Current model Mahindra Pik Up. Do you have one ?


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Or buy a sportscar to look good and/or go fast.
Use less fuel, help longevity and enjoy the scenery when working on the farm, adventuring offroad, loading up with firewood or helping to pay the bills as your commercial work truck.

Right tool for the job and all that.

People forget the (little) power the old fourbies had, were they not fun?

I reckon they are kind of cool. Like a Suzi ute with 50% more power and torque.

Reports say they are unbreakable and they don't pretend to be anything they are not.

1HZ Land Cruiser 96kW, Land Rover Puma 90Kw, Patrol 3.0 116Kw, Patrol 4.2 114Kw,

Mahindra 103 kw.

It's in good company.
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We've had our Mahindra Pikup for just over 2years now. Had 1 or 2 minor problems, but was sorted out quick and easy by the dealer. Its always interesting to see other guys on 4x4 trips look at you, thinking this guy is going to hold us up or struggle, and then to their amazement, match or out perform them. I don't you you can go wrong with the Mahindra. The value for money you get on them is unbeatable.

Here is a link to my Youtube channel, showing some of the trips we have done so far

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I have one ,best ute I have owned,from Bundy to Murwillumbah 500klm/41ltrs tows well, probably because it has a realistic weight ratio, it gets used as much off road as one and I cant fault it, will go further off road the the QD32 I still have . Comfortable seats ,you can drive allday and not get out and feel like a cripple and it carries abit over 1200kg. On road $27000 and I had it in 3 weeks


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