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CSR - Track condition update please

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by TroopiePete, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. TroopiePete

    TroopiePete Member

    Planning a CSR Trip for June 2019 and interested in hot spots, places not to visit, basically anything.
    I am told a section is currently closed due to flooding so other then letting us know it's open don't need much on that.

    How many cars no idea and actual dates to be locked in later.
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    you really wont know till just before you leave as it will depend on how much more rain it gets over summer etc
    I believe people are starting to get through using bypasses but could easily change with another wet summer
  3. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ what he said
    If you want the latest news, join the CSR facebook group. Great source of info.
    Did it a few weeks ago. Allow about 3 weeks to do it all. Spoke to a few who did it in 12 days but not sure how they could have seen it all in such a short time. There is a lot of stuff to see which requires you to travel off the track. Most of the wells require off track detours. It is very rough in places and travelling too quick will kill your shockies. Personally spoke to 7 vehicles which blew shockies. Remember it is a two wheel track along a stock route. None of it has ever been maintained. 800 dunes to cross. Some knarly rocky sections.
    You will need two permits for the CSR, both available online, both took like 5 minutes total on the computer, permits emailed to me within 30 minutes. If you want to camp at Lake Stretch, at the northern end, you will need a third permit.
    Channel 40 is the designated CSR channel.
    Well 33 and Durba Spring are both worth a 2 night stop. Well 6 is also very pleasant as is Georgia Bore.
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  4. Mini

    Mini Member

    Tink has said it all and he is spot on. Plan your fuel, Kunawariji is still $3.40, fuel at Billinuna, say hello to my camel mate at the store. He likes Tritons and Toyotas, he is not fussed on Navara's. Keep it slow, keep it light. take as long as you need, don't plan an exit time or date. Enjoy the ride
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  5. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    Fuel is also available at Parngurr, near Rudall River NP. It does mean a detour but I have heard that it is worth it. It means that you don't need to carry as much fuel either.
  6. Mini

    Mini Member

    Forgot about that one richardlnsw, I was very economical at 13.0 litres per 100 in a Triton but a different day or even time of day can alter the figure. I think I would prefer Parngurr to the Well 23 drop-off, stories of theft and even contaminated fuel over old drums being re-cycled.
  7. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    Parngurr was hard to get on the phone, this was early June(we met a few plp on the road they too said they cant reach then via phone). most of the good water spots like Georgia and restored wells are really popular and normally have plp camped there, and have no wood for kms. June this year we camped at Georgia for 2 nights we counted about 30 4x4's one day filling with water.
  8. Mini

    Mini Member

    Hi unko84, we passed through Georgia Bore on 14th August this year (yep just 3 and a bit weeks ago). I recall the date vividly as it is the day our Kimberley Kamper came to grief on the Talawana Track, 49 kilometres east of the CSR junction near Well 24. We pulled into Georgia Bore about 8:30 pm and found only 3 vehicles camped up for the night. They were so surprised to see a vehicle coming from the east at night. I think there were more surprised to see a two vehicle convoy drive off again a few minutes later to the west towards Newman. As we had lost our camper, cooking facilities some food sleeping quarters, we headed west to drive through the night then sleep in the front seats when we got too tired to drive.

    Message to fellow travellers on the Talawana, a rescue mission has been mounted by a Port Hedland company to retrieve it under insurance. I ask you to respect our beloved camper and not to trash it or remove it or anything in or on it. Many thanks Mini
  9. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Parnngurr Community 08 91769009
    The store’s (and fuel) opening times are incorrect in the printed information included with your permit. Call ahead first.
  10. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

  11. Mrs Rum

    Mrs Rum Well-Known Member

    Oh I thoroughly enjoyed the Canning, as far as the conditions - the guys are right, you'll have to check closer to the time.

    The next time I go, I plan on more time at Durba Spring - it's lovely and I definitely wish I'd had a roast to cook.
    We travelled it south to north but next time I'd like to do the opposite as I found the south to be a lot prettier and a reprieve compared to the baron north. However, the entire trek is just amazing and personally I'd love to do it over, and over and over again! :D

    Well 17... it wasn't my favourite well to visit due to the rocky and I mean, ROCKY terrain... but I don't get along with rocks... :rolleyes:
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  12. Neil Watts

    Neil Watts Active Member

    I totally agree, the southern leg was different every day, even different every half day. We would take it in turns with the driving and do a change over at lunch and without fail something would change, terrain/flora/fauna you get my drift. It's a drive I would definitely do again as we had to detour from well 33 to Georgia bore due to the flooding. North South next time for sure.
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  13. Neil Watts

    Neil Watts Active Member

    Hi Peter, I saw something on FB I think re your planned trip. We did 10500k's in just over 6 weeks but we were on the go pretty much every day. Doesn't suit everyone but I thrived on it.

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