Cruizin' on 100


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Continuing on we explore part of the West Kennedy's and end up the following day on the East side. Trying to kill myself by taking the wrong route to a cache, I'm still wearing odd shoes. It's hard to let an old sandle go. The dirty fox that stole my other one, must have had the same thoughts.....



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Aways enjoy watching your videos mate , at least they are real.
In real terms I will never get there , so is the next best thing , keep up the great work :)
No BS sponsorship from me, I fund my own trips and put my own spin on them. Thanks for the comment.

Never say never. I've been up there twice in 6 months now and could easily go back again tomorrow. I think the remaining parts get better, we find and check out some interesting stuff - interesting to me anyway.
Great vid, so close . Guess you have a good reason to go back with the right footwear and that cache, looked like a great campsite too.
Thanks for sharing.


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Part 3 of a dried up old codgers boring adventure:

Continuing on, we leave the Kennedy's for Mt Augustus and Mt Gould with a surprise find in the middle.

You're a better man than me, camping in 40°c would see me perish from dehydration in no time. I'm a fair weather camper when it comes to the anything north or east of Perth during summer.