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so is there any truth to toyo dropping the V8 diesel in the foreseeable future and also ending or changing the Landcruiser wagon as we know it because it's been around for a while I don't mean the shape I mean getting rid of that model altogether. I was told that today but I'm not totally convinced it's true.


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I think that was old news when the mines demanded a 5 star encap rating toyta was going to pack up shop

They soon are releasing the 7* with a 5 star encap rating. Highly doubt they would do that if its was getting scrapped any time in the for see able future. They probably would not have spent the cash on developing it for a 5 star encap it if they had not just spend the cash on developing the dual cab

As for the V8 I dunno what variant they will have in place for the new envisions Std next year

Maybe just add blue ?
There was talk of a 2VD-fte


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Was told today they have a motor not sure of the details and their still dropping the landcruiser for something else time will tell.