Cruise Control Question


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Hey everyone. This is not much of an offroading question. Rather a general vehicle question.

We have a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder which is our daily runner. The cruise control is pretty useless going downhill. Despite locking in the speed the vehicle runs away increasing in speed. Eventually having to switch off cruise control and go back to controlling the speed manually.

A week back we bought a brand new Nissan X Trail for my wife to run around in. I was very surprised to see the cruise control just as bad. Despite all the "smart" features.

Anyone else have this problem with your brand of vehicles?



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My old Faj would run away. Nothing hard about putting the brakes on then resetting cruise at the bottom of the hill


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G'day Duncan. I drive a vehicle that does not even have coffee holders, let alone cruise control. For cruise control I try to carry my wife at all times. She tells me if I am breaking the speed limit. She also says "watch out" and that covers lane changing, driving to close to a vehicle, missing a turn off, something of interest, a hot rod or mustang on the road, basically anything of interest. And if I look like I am getting into road rage she threatens to jump out or something real drastic.
I do drive her late model vehicle, however I have not read all of the car manual to find all the beautiful options I can use. Oh! and to answer your question, her vehicle goes real fast down hill on cruise control. I did think of buying something else like a Rav 4 for example but they are crap anyway. Well they don't suit me so I don't buy cars I don't like.


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Only more recent vehicles brake the vehicle when cruise is set. Mainly higher spec models. A lot still don’t.
Cruise originally was just to maintain speed. Now there is braking included and “active” or whatever it is called which uses forward facing radar to keep you at a set, safe distance from the vehicle in front.


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Keep buying Nissan - keep getting the same results;) they are pretty simple. Seriously though only the high end vehicles have a ‘not above’ limit which will keep speed below a certain number by using autonomous braking - it certainly isn’t mainstream just yet in the sorts of cars you have, and expecting cruise control to achieve that is asking a bit much. Most of the current gen Autos will upshift a couple of gears to try to reign in speed but once a 15% odd difference is registered it will usually self cancel and you are on your own. Same with under speed.
V6 Navara/pathfinder auto had a well recorded history of not being able to use engine braking at all without mods - not great off-road.