Crossing at Tom Groggin in mid oct

hey guys,
Anybody know if this will be possible, wondering on the usual water heights this time of year, hoping to get down there in 2 weeks



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Contact the park as I was there a couple of weeks back and a sign said it was going to be closed due to Heli Deer shoot. I cant remember the dates though but I was sure it was October some time. Also Still plenty of snow in the mountains so probably going to be flowing hard it was when I was there.
We were at Tom groggin a couple of days ago coming from jindabyne.
Unfortunately we didn't have any decent maps with us so couldn't find the Murray crossing into Victoria :(
The river was flowing fast and deep at the campground however.

We did cross the swampy plains(?) River a few ks up the road on the way to keebles hut, the water was above the hubs but below the top of the tyre. So for me that mean rocksliders just skimming the surface and hoping we didn't get wet bums!
Still the deepest crossing I've done and good fun :)

There is still some snow around but not heaps

Should have video and photos which ill post up when I get a spare minute